Department of Corrections: Biggie Is Not in Hitchcock's 1946 Thriller



Our bad!
  • Our bad!
Whilst thumbing through the shimmering pages of this week's glossy, you might find yourself in the film section. And whilst in the film section, you might find yourself reading Jason Shawhan's sharply written Short Take on the classic 1946 Hitchcock espionage flick Notorious (playing May 1-2 at The Belcourt). As awesome as it could have been, that version of Notorious does not, in fact, feature Jamal Woolard portraying departed rapper Christopher Wallace — as indicated by the art included with the blurb. That was the other Notorious. I'd like to think, though, that if times had been just a bit different, and if Biggie had been born a half-decade earlier, maybe he could have played Cary Grant's role, mackin' on Ingrid Bergman and exposin' all kinds of Nazi haters in South America. I'mma just let that mashup play out in my dome for a bit.

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