Caption Contest: Quasi Giveaway! [Updated]



  • "...and so began the two obsessions that would shape little rosie o'donnel's life from that point forward."

UPDATE: We have our winner. Thanks for playing, everyone! And by "thanks for playing" we mean "that anal one was weird!"

Remember way back in, like, January, when DPR asked the question, "If Quasi Played Nashville on April 29, Would You Go?" and you were all like, "Yes! / I would contemplate going / my chances of going to see them fall somewhere between maybe and probably"? Well, get ready to get even more excited than that, because we've got a pair of tickets (aka guest list spots) to give away for this Thursday's show at Mercy Lounge, featuring the aforementioned Quasi and the aforeunmentioned Let's Wrestle. As usual, the funniest caption, as determined by Cream staff, wins.

You don't have to be a registered site user to submit a caption — just scroll down and click on "post without an account" after previewing your comment — but you do have to provide a valid email in order to win. And please check your email so we can confirm your guest list spot. Contest ends at 3 p.m. Wednesday. Go!

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