Twitter and the Death of Rock Criticism Pt. 2: Christopher Weingarten's Dismal Portrait



This video has an obnoxious autoplay feature, so I had to embed it after the jump. Known meta-blogger, rock critic, Net nihilist and Spin, Rolling Stone (and more) contributor Christopher Weingarten — we've shown you one of his spiels on the "shit-spiraling" state of modern music criticism before — gave this pleasant little talk on how Twitter and the ubiquity of Internet "FIRSTIES!" are forcing you, the reader, out of searching for quality coverage and us, the writers, out of providing quality coverage. True, this is the guy who logs record reviews in 140-character tweet form ... but hey, just because you know the game is fucked doesn't mean you don't have to play it anyhow. Some choice quotes from Weingarten's diatribe:

"The Internet hive mind."
"Indie rock won't fucking die already."
"Insight and artistry are no longer an end goal; they're afterthoughts."
"When clicks are your lifeblood, good writing doesn't matter anymore."
"Playing Mad Libs with Google trends."

This comes to us via Ryan Catbird over at MBV. See the full video after the jump.

Oh, and if you'd like to see Weingarten's diatribe with the non-swear words omitted, look below. It's just the juicy stuff.

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