This Week's Chris Crofton Show Delayed; Crofton Birthday Soiree April 10 at The Basement



Due to an alleged meltdown in Race Corner, this week’s Chris Crofton Show will be postponed. Sorry, fans. I’ve now heard two accounts of how real shit got this week, and trust me, it’s real real. Crofton & Co. say they’re going to try to do some tweakin’ over the weeken’ and hopefully get it up to speed in time for Monday. At any rate, those of you who just can’t make it through the weekend without a dose of Crofton can catch him celebrating his birthday Saturday night at The Basement. The Alcohol Stuntband will be playing, along with The Faves. A pick:

It might be hard to believe, but Nashville’s favorite chrome-domed miscreant has called Music City home for the past nine years. And now, with 18 episodes of The Chris Crofton Show (hosted at our music blog, Nashville Cream), countless obscenity-riddled stand-up sets, one radio-related controversy and about a half-dozen Alcohol Stuntband member change-ups under his belt, the Connecticut-reared funnyman is turning 41. In case you’ve been living under a booze-proof rock for a decade, the Stuntband is Crofton’s jovial, party-themed cock-rock band, and also a vehicle through which Crofton gets to berate hangover-chic hipsters for, well … basically for being a burden to society.

The Stuntband has also beefed up their lineup and added a dude named Nick Davis, who used to play with The Detachment Kit. I really like The Detachment Kit. The Crofton Show returns next week.

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