Harlem (From Tucson, via Austin) Come to Nashville (The End), May 13



If you read all the blogs, as I’m certain you do, then I’ll just bet you’ve heard about Harlem. They’re these dudes who were once a duo in Tucson. Then they moved to Austin, released a record called Free Drugs, added a bass player, started playing shows all over the place with bands like White Denim and were signed to Matador. Hippies, their major-label debut, was released yesterday. In this week’s glossy, you’ll find that old Haruch and I just started a (possibly recurring) feature called “Two Short.” The column features two-sentence reviews of a whole slew of recent and forthcoming records, and one of my contributions was a 35-word take on Hippies. I don’t want to spoil the surprise, so I’m just going to give you one of the two sentences:

True, there isn’t a shortage these days of lo-fi, throwback garage rock (a la The Seeds) delivered with stoned indifference and a dash of sunshine-pop influence.

But?? What’s the conclusion?! You’ll have to read the paper to find out. OK, I’ll tell you this much: The second sentence is about how Harlem sounds a little bit like that band Girls, only way better. What’s the point of all this? The point is that Harlem are embarking on a monthlong, cross-country tour that will bring them to The End on May 13. Their MySpace page says it’s going to cost $7, and rumor has it that local punk rockers Heavy Cream and Cy will join the bill. If you don’t feel like you can wait five weeks, Harlem are also playing April 16 at JJ’s in Chattanooga. Road trip?

Update: According to The End's Jesse Baker, admission will be $8.

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