Blog Maintenance Today [Updated]



UPDATE: Still working a few things out on the Internet machine. With any luck, all systems will be go some time around noon today (Monday, 5th).

Just a heads-up that our blogs will be undergoing some maintenance this afternoon, and while we're pretty sure everything will be mostly normal, maybe it won't. (It probably will. We hope.) If there are problems posting comments or loading the blog, or with links not linking or videos not appearing, please hold your fire. Someone, possibly on the Internet, is working on it. Hopefully everything will be 100 percent operational and brand sparkly new-like by Monday morning. If all goes well, this post -- if you've even read this far -- will be the most disruptive part of the process. If you've got something that just can't wait, shoot an email to cream /at/ nashvillescene /dot/ com.

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