GZA Tonight at MTSU [The Genius]



Remember when Old Man Maloney poked fun at his alma mater for their lackluster PR, especially where an upcoming appearance by GZA was concerned? Well, emails to music writers or no, the day of the big show has arrived, and here's what OMM had to say about it on the glossy tip:

Holy shit, can you believe that Liquid Swords, possibly the finest moment in the entire, expansive Wu Tang Clan catalog, is 15 years old this year? That means there will surely be a whole bunch of college freshmen at this show who were still shittin' their own drawers when the Clan's classic Enter the Wu Tang (36 Chambers) dropped -- and they're probably gonna shit their drawers again when The Genius takes the mic. Not to sound like a cranky old rap-fogey, but there was a time when cultural importance and chart success were achieved through ill skills on the microphone, rather than a cunning business sense and a cadre of corporations willing to "cross-brand" your album, and GZA represents the zenith of that heady, sorely missed moment in popular culture. Scene favorites DJ Kidsmeal and The Biscuits N Gravy Band open.

Show starts at 7 p.m. at the James Union Building. The "Liquid Swords" video's after the jump, just because.

This reminds me: I really need to watch Rock the Bells some time.

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