Armed Forces Discover Scientology; Also, Help Rename Brandon Jazz for $500



If you spend a lot of time -- and I know you do -- slumming it in the ghetto of the Cream comment threads, then you're likely more than familiar with local lightning rod, self-proclaimed "hometown hero," Armed Forces frontman and Mercy Lounge bitch boy Brandon Jazz. Love or hate the ambitious rabble-rouser, there's little doubt his shenanigans have gotten your attention at some point, and if they haven't yet, then they will now.

In a press release sent to the Scene, Jazz and his forces announce that they will celebrate today's digital release of their new single "Radical Luv" by performing the "feel-good number" at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center's Open Mic Night, tonight at 7 pm. The band intends to film the performance. RSVP on Facebook.

Per the band's press release:

Yes, Friends, you read that correctly. Mr. Jazz has accepted Jesus Christ as his personal Lord and Savior and has been Washed in the Blood of the Lamb. Although known Locally as a Loudmouthed Shithead and Hellraiser about town, Jazz has promised to spend the rest of his Days "Hellraising for Christ"...beginning with Tonight's soon-to-be-legendary performance at the Church of Scientology Celebrity Center. 7pm.

If you don't have the stones to saunter on down to the "church" (located near the intersection of 8th and Chestnut St.), then you can peep AF's new cut over at Bandcamp. It's a real thetan killer.

In related BJ news, Mr. Jazz has also announced that he will legally change his last name to Jazz. While his last name is his prerogative, his middle name can be YOUR prerogative, if you've got the silver. That's right: For $500 you can choose Brandon Jazz's new middle name. The price goes up to $1500 if you want to include profanity. This is not a joke. ... Well actually, it is a joke, but he's really going to go through with it, legally.

If you're interested in taking Jazz up on his offer, then voice your enthusiasm in the comments. He'll be reading.

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