Fugazi at 328 Performance Hall, 1993



Many thanks to YouTube user tinycorkscrew, who just made my fucking day by uploading a bunch of footage of Fugazi playing at 328 Performance Hall way back in 1993, the year In on the Kill Taker came out (and also the year of The Velvet Divorce -- not a band, surprisingly).

I wasn't at this particular show, which according to the YouTube post happened in April, but I saw Fugazi in Chicago later that year, probably in May or June. I'm pretty sure The Grifters opened. (I also happened to get in a car wreck after that show and will say this much: If you're feeling really sleepy, don't drive -- you could end up fishtailing into oncoming traffic at 70 miles per hour on the interstate, where fiery, crushy death becomes an immediate possibility!)

If you've never been to a Fugazi show, I'm sorry. On the Adam Gold scale of Peformative Importance, Fugazi is my Springsteen -- except I would never say that because I don't give two shits about Springsteen. Springsteen is Gold's Fugazi! That's more like it. I will spare you the "Remember When Indie Rock Fucking Meant Something?" lecture and leave it at this: There are few things in this world as electrifying and beautiful as being in the same room when Fugazi is playing. For proof of this, watch the video of "Waiting Room" above. You'll notice that some people are even moving around -- and this was shot in Nashville!

And of course, at the end of the song, Ian instructs people to be considerate of the kids who are getting crushed against the front of the stage. They don't make bands like this anymore, folks.

For further awesoming of your Friday afternoon, check out "Burning" and "Rend It," taken from the same show.


"Rend It"

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