The Enduring Question of Phil Collins' Head -- Now in Song!


(Floating) in the air tonight.
  • (Floating) in the air tonight.

The most famous question in popular music is, "What about the voice of Geddy Lee?" But second, and only slightly less well-known is, of course, "What's up with Phil Collins' head on all his album covers?" But seriously! Gold and I had a lengthy and hilarious conversation on this very topic back when the "Rock and Roll" Hall of Fame announced they were inducting Genesis into the sorta-sacred-but-mostly-profane pantheon.

Lucky for us all, local popster(s?) Shaky Voices -- composed of theme-meister Patrick Baker and, uh, "Orko" -- have recorded a song tackling this important, important historical topic, and allowed us all to listen to it for free on the Internet!

Managing to capture the urgent historicity of 7 Seconds' "Remains to Be Seen" and combine it with the punky bedroom-core style of Portastatic's "San Andreas" while also incorporating a whispering bridge, "Phil Collin's Head" is basically a modern-day classic! The "B-side" is a good'un, too -- an alternative version of "Let's Make an Album Tonight," the title track from the album S.V. released last November on the well-named label Bare Maximum. That one's definitely worth your time, too.

<a href="">Phil Collin's Head by Shaky Voices</a>

[Shaky Voices Bandcamp]

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