Fresh Vid: Harmony Korine's Trash Humpers Trailer Now Online



If you're like me, then you moved to Sylvan Park so you could feel like you're living in a neverending outtake from Gummo. While my cat has yet to be killed by underage half-wit rapscallions, I have found myself beating up furniture, pimping out mentally challenged whores and eating spaghetti in the bathtub with greater frequency. Such is life in Nashville.

The trailer for Gummo director and Music City dweller Harmony Korine's latest cinematic anti-narrative, Trash Humpers, has just dropped on YouTube. Peep it above. If you recall, the film features silver-screen performances from local rock scene regulars the likes of Chris Crofton, Dave Cloud, Travis Nicholson, Charles Ezell and Brian Kotzur. See if you can pick them out. Hint: They're wearing masks, and you probably can't pick them out.

Trash Humpers opens in limited release May 7.

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