Fresh Vid: Clem Snide's 'Walmart Parking Lot'



From the Department of Newly Emerging Trending Topics of the Hot, Fresh and Dope Variety: Walmart songs. If you recall, on Jan. 1 we kicked off the new year by posting the video for country lampoonists D. Striker's "(I'm Hungover in) The Walmart Breakroom." In perpetuating Nashville's newly emerging sub-genre of "Walmart-countricana," alt-country lampoonist Clem Snide recently dropped the video for "Walmart Parking Lot" -- the lead-off track to their recent release The Meat of Life -- on Vimeo. The clip is a cautionary tale, a sonic and visual PSA if you will, addressing the national concern of shoplifting. It features local skin-beater extraordinaire Ben Martin suffering the brutal wrath of the Man after an attempt to pilfer a stuffed animal from the Walmart on Charlotte Pk. Let it be a lesson: If you're going to shoplift, best to try your luck at Big Lots! instead.

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