Floor TOMS: The Features Auction off Some 'Lions' Shoes



You know what helps you get on the good foot? Shoes. How about some handmade TOMS shoes with gnarly blue lions on them, which have been autographed by The Features? Well, there's an auction going on right now for just that pair of shoes, and it's sitting at $61 as I put these fingers to keyboard.

If you're not familiar with TOMS, they're shoes that you buy, and when you buy them, a pair is also given to a child who might not be able to have shoes otherwise. So it's a two-for-one, and you're a good person for doing it. Sure, some U.K. reviewer just referred to The Features as "Kings of Leon for dads, if you like," but you know what dads do? They give shoes to kids who need them. And what impoverished child wouldn't want a pair of shoes signed by KOL's fave rock group?


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