Against Music: What For?



The other week in the glossy edition of the Scene, Todd Snider said something about music, which is: "The thing I didn't go for about some of the early punk was the same thing I didn't like about some early No Depression music: If the only reason you're making this music is because you hate a different kind of music, then I don't know."

And while I like Todd Snider just fine, I have to say: Being against something for the sake of being against it is trite, but liking music because of what it's against is part of the fun! I liked Dead Kennedys because they were against Nazi punks, and I liked Dinosaur Jr. for being against being too cool for guitar solos, and I liked The Pixies for having one-note guitar solos as a big Fuck You to guitar solos, and I liked Young Marble Giants for being against macho rock, and I liked A Minor Forest for being against false metal, and so forth. In other words, I like a lot of music for what it's against. If you can't be against something, can you really ever be for anything?

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