Missed Connections: Cosmic Connection Edition



Missed Connection attempts may seem trivial and insignificant to the average Cream reader, but rest assured they offer a cornucopia of anthropological evidence illuminating the subtle mating rituals of club-going humans. The dichotomy that strikes me again and again while reading them is how bold yet timid, how revealing yet obscuring each message really is. It takes courage to put yourself out there and risk rejection, and yet, doing so with absolutely no identifying details -- thus ensuring there is no hope of ever reuniting with your could-be -- is actually quite cowardly. Sure, there's an argument to be made here that it's satisfying in and of itself to merely shoot such desire into a vacuum. That perhaps the act of launching one's lust willy-nilly knowing full well it will barely register in the oversaturated ether is a sad, yet beautiful human ritual of self-expression -- a message in a bottle that crashes onto a rocky shore never reaching its intended, a shooting star missed by so little as a blinked eye, a love letter lost in the mail, etc. But, there's also just total lazy bullshit like this:

12th & Porter - m4w - 18 (Nashville): I saw you at the after party at 12th & Porter. We made eye contact a few times. You bumped into me a few times while dancing. Trying to get me to dance with you? Lets meet some time. What was I wearing? Send me a pic so i know its u.

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