WRVU Tries to Plug Holes in Schedule by Continuing to Exclude Community DJs



As Tony Youngblood over Theatre Intangible reminds us, you may have noticed a lot more JACK FM-style programming over at WRVU these days, what with all the gaps in the schedule being filled by good old random-shufflin' DJ Hal. ("This is Beth and Doni from Forget Cassettes. This is Beth and Doni from Forget Cassettes. THIS IS BETH AND DONI FROM FORGET CASSETTES. ...")

Anyway, as you probably already know, the board that oversees WRVU capped the number of community (non-student, non-affiliate) DJs at 25, a decision a lot of people don't like, and a decision that is very much the reason for all the auto-rotation going on these days. So ... the station is now trying to reduce the automation and increase the flesh-and-blood DJ action on the air by offering current staffers a second show or an extra hour of airtime. That's right -- the same station that couldn't offer an amenable time slot to the venerable Hipbilly Jamboree is now asking its current DJs to do two shows instead of one. Brilliant!

Hey, a cap's a cap.


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