Slayer Hates Us All: American Carnage Tour Re-Scheduled Without Nashville Date


Slayer singer Tom Araya.
  • Slayer singer Tom Araya.

OK, so we in Nashville have gotten used to bands not coming here, but this one really hurts. You all undoubtedly remember Slayer and Megadeth's American Carnage tour, which, had it not been for the divine intervention of Tom Araya's back surgery, would've rained blood over Municipal Auditorium this past Sunday.

Given the nature of show's cancellation, most metalheads were able to find it within themselves to forgive the thrash titans, despite this being the most un-metal force majeure ever. Well, it turns out, according to Pollstar, the tour has now been rescheduled, sans Nashville date. Slayer, what the fuck? You know what's even less metal than not coming here? Indian giving. I'm not even gonna give you guys the courtesy of a road trip post.

If you would like to voice your displeasure, send hate-mail to slayer[at]assholes[dot]com.

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