Holla-Caustic: What Do Lil Jon and The Holocaust Have in Common? [Updated]


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Despite the subject of this week's Spin the above title is not a lead-in to a Neil Hamburger joke. Maybe it's the times we live in, but it seems no matter how much you say it, some people just don't understand the power of understatement. But some people do. Maybe. Check out this flyer, found on the MTSU campus and sent to us by Rob Beckham (formerly of Big Nurse), which begins:

For International Holocaust Day, Word UP! is showing its support in an interesting way.

Since Lil Jon's B-day is on the same day, we are calling all beat makers to make beats like Lil Jon related to the Holocaust and for all poets to make a poem in regards to the Holocaust.

Holocaust Day + Lil Jon = interesting. Now that's understatement, folks.

If you have anything to say about this, then something is wrong with you. You should be speechless. (Incidentally an email to the address on the flyer has not been answered is posted below.) When I go to visit friends and family on the Left Coast -- who, naturally, are all part of the same unscrupulous Hasidic cabal -- I'm constantly forced to reassure them that folks in Tennessee aren't a bunch of imbecilic Bible-beaters who think, overwhelmingly, that the Jews are a bunch of be-horned whiners who hired a group of landscapers to kill Jesus. Folks at Word UP!: By trying to make for the crunkest Holocaust remembrance EVER by commemorating the birth of Lil Jon along with WWII-style ethnic cleansing, you're not helping me make my case.

International Holocaust Remembrance Day was designated by the United Nations in November 2005 -- in other words, about a year after Crunk Juice came out. Now, to be fair, this is seemingly a well-intentioned event (I hope) put on by some egregiously inept promoters (I'm sure), and we really shouldn't make fun of anyone wanting to reflect on the Holocaust. It's just ... the Holocaust ... and Lil Jon ... and ... what in the name of Shabbat do "beats like Lil Jon related to the Holocaust" sound like? There are not enough question marks in the world to express the wonderment. That said, do y'all think The Spin should have covered this?

I shudder to think what else Word UP! has in store for us in the days to come when they proclaim they will be "trying new things this semester." Perhaps they'll put on an event remembering 9/11 by encouraging people to submit their own remix of Public Enemy's "911 is a Joke," or maybe they'll just persuade System of a Down to come play at MTSU in honor of the Armenian genocide. Little would surprise me at this point.

UPDATE: We received this response to our inquiry:

Thank's for asking. When I first started thinking of the show, I wanted to tie two events together that really had a significance to a lot of people. Jan. 27 was International Holocaust day as well as it being Lil Jon's birthday. Since the holiday was such a mournful one I wanted to spice it up by tying something interesting to it. Why not have producers of MTSU make beats related to the Holocaust as well as tying in a Lil Jon feel to it to make it interesting? I thought of it as a way to get the production tech majors thinking and networking. To include other artists, we asked them to perform poetry or sing a song related to the Holocaust. With a lot help from my team (Mercedes Davis (creating a questionare), Jenae (helping with flyers and poetry), Ashley (helping to design the flyer), and Pana (handing out flyers), we were able to get this show on the road.

Along with the producers showcasing their beats, the audience was a panel giving them tips on what to improve and their ratings from 1-10.

We also had a questionare on the holocaust after watching some interesting videos.

If you want to meet up and get some of the music showcased that would be great, and maybe talk about our future events.

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