Weekend Round-Up: Ice Storm Style [Updated]


The Ice Storm, Cream style.
  • The Ice Storm, Cream style.

UPDATE: Exit/In, RCKTWN, Cannery Ballroom and Puckett's have canceled or postponed their shows for Friday night. Mercy Lounge has altered the lineup. Kat Brock has canceled at The Basement. Saturday night's benefit show at The Rutledge feat. Gretchen Peters has been rescheduled for Mar. 25. Wax Fang at Exit/In also postponed. Parachute Musical at The End is canceled. (See below.)

You guys remember that movie The Ice Storm? I don't exactly, but I vaguely recall something about Christina Ricci flashing her biz (nice), Kevin Kline going to a key party and Elijah Wood getting electrocuted by a guardrail. I know that's right.

Anyhow, seeing as how I composed this entry in the past, I really have no idea whether or not it's icy out as you're reading it, but I'll bet the grocery stores are all out of bread and batteries either way. Some damn fine shows this weekend. Seriously. Wax Fang, Nick Oliveri, Tom Green, yacht rock. That's just the tip of the ice burg. See Friday AND Saturday's best biz after the jump.


* The Clipse w/N.O.B.O.T.S. & Future at Phatkaps. Remember? Maloney was talking about it. Good luck getting into this one.

* Nick Oliveri w/Millionaire Magicians at The End.

* Space Capone w/Yacht Rock Revue at Mercy Lounge. Mercy Lounge Drew loves that yacht rock. I mean, seriously. Maybe it's time for an intervention. UPDATE: Yacht Rock is rescheduled for Mar. 19. Space Capone will still be playing, with "special guests."

* Day of Fire w/Papercut Massacre & Halo Stereo at Exit/In. UPDATE: This show has been postponed for Feb. 10.

* Boom Ticket w/Samantha Gibb and the Cartel, Porkchop Express & C.B. Tucker Band at The 5 Spot.

* Eastern Block w/My Tyger and Kat Brock at The Basement.

* Branford Marsalis will be at Schermerhorn. That's pretty sweet, right?

* World Bazaar w/Xpia, The Wrong Kids & Vessel at Springwater.

* Tom Green will be at Zanies through Jan. 31 if you think you can hang with that. Daddy, would you like some sausage?

Here are the rest.


* The Non-Commissioned Officers w/Wax Fang & How I Became the Bomb at Exit/In. UPDATE: Postponed.

* Y2K at 12th & Porter.

* Alcohol Stuntband w/Hans Condor & Losers Beat Winners at The 5 Spot.

* Parachute Musical w/Stephanie's Id & Overzealous at The End. UPDATE: Canceled.

* Bern Kelly w/Mercy Birds and Duquette Johnson at The Basement.

* Theo Case w/Stephen Rockford Hammond Band & Business Casual at Springwater.

* Bowling Green Invasion II at Mercy Lounge feat. Lee Harvey, The Foretold, Sleeper Agent, Downtown Handshake & much more.

Here's the rest of Saturday. As always, help us with corrections and let us know what we missed.

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