Where's My W-2? Local Rock Dudes in Awesome TurboTax Commercial; Awesome Show at Betty's Feb. 3



So this afternoon I received a text message from Altered Statesman's Steve Poulton containing just this URL. It led me to the clip above, which appears to be a pretty badass commercial for TurboTax featuring the talents of Mr. Poulton (the be-sweatered nerd-throttler) as well as Lone Official's Matt Button (the kitchen-dwelling child-wrangler). Apparently those are Button's kids, too. Two gentlemen by the name of Dave Shamban and Marty Linville put the commercial together, and it could just be the best Nashville-rock-centric commercial since the Harmony Korine-directed Bud fest featuring Dave Cloud & Co. Man, what a wonderfully cinematic town we live in. And we haven't even told you about next week's Gwyneth Paltrow thing yet. Foreshadowing!

Since we're on the topic of Steve Poulton, I should mention that he put together a pretty enticing upcoming show at Betty's for Feb. 3 featuring Christelle Gualdi (Stellar O.M. Source), Daniel Higgs (ex-Lungfish), Taiwan Deth & Forrest Bride. Keep an eye out for Forrest Bride in next week's "10 Bands to Watch in 2010" issue, by the way.

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