Hipbilly Jamboree Not Returning to WRVU


As Maloney told you the other day, Doyle "D-Funk" Davis has retired from WRVU, electing not to accept the slot he was offered at the station and thus ending a 15-year run of funkifying the Nashville airwaves. On the heels of that bad news comes the equally bad news that this past week's episode of the venerable country show Hipbilly Jamboree was its last. We're told that while the show was approved to continue, every time slot requested by hosts Randy Fox and Kels Koch was denied. Apparently the only times they did get offered were either late at night or early in the morning -- times they aren't able to do the show. If something as banal as a scheduling conflict seems to you like an awfully lame reason for a long-running show (it's been on since 1997) as good as Hipbilly Jamboree to disappear from Nashville radio, then you're paying attention. And you know what's at stake. There was some grumbling about town that the erosion of community DJs from the station was continuing in kind, but that doesn't seem to be the case -- at least not entirely. The show Needles + Pins, after not being renewed and finding a new home on Radio Free Nashville, will be returning to WRVU on Tuesdays from 6-8 a.m. According to an entry on the N+P blog: "Since Doyle Davis of the mighty D-Funk show decided to retire from RVU, that left an open community DJ slot. So they asked me if I wanted to come back. Heck yes!" While it is good news to see another community DJ invited back, it remains to be seen whether another community show -- Nashville Mixtapes? We Own This Town? -- will also find its way back into the rotation now that two of the 25 total community DJ spots are opening up (one for each Hipbilly host). And no offense to Needles + Pins host Laura Powers, who puts on a great show that -- when I'm sentient enough at that hour to listen -- always rocks my morning. But losing D-Funk and Hipbilly Jamboree in the space of a week is just beyond disheartening -- it's sickening. Related: * WRVU Music Directors Resign in Protest of Community DJ Cap * Cap on Community DJs at WRVU Upheld by VSC Board * Number of WRVU Community DJs Capped at 25

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