-Tinged Nashville Transplant David Vandervelde Mentions the Scene to American Songwriter


This transplant is tinged for success.
  • This transplant is tinged for success.

So American Songwriter has just posted an interview that took place during Next Big Nashville betwixt a WOXY.com rep and Nashville's very own David Vandervelde. It's a nice little piece that features Vandervelde bragging on the caliber of Nashville's players, talking about his relationship with the late great Jay Bennett and discussing what it took to make his latest record. But guess what! He also mentioned us.

I've been here about a year and a half. I guess it was in the [Nashville] Scene; any time I read something, if I'm in a show, it always calls me a transplant. I'm wondering when they're just not gonna call me a transplant cause I live here now. Is everybody a transplant?

Nice! And yes, everybody is a transplant. Especially you. But honestly, we've only called Vandervelde a "transplant" here, here, here and here. Well, and of course here. But hey, we've also called him both " '60s-tinged summery psych-pop" and "glittery glam-tinged." So I'd say we call him "tinged" almost as much as we call him a "transplant."

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