Happy Birthday Drew Mischke: Mercy Lounge GM Celebrates 30th Year of This Mortal Coil Tonight!


Come sail away with thee.
  • Come sail away with thee.

If your band has ever set foot upon the Mercy Lounge stage then you're probably indebted to the club's number one mover and shaker, Drew Mischke. Dude reels in his 30th year today and, as of last week, he's a married man to boot. Despite how much love this local luminary may have professed for your band, there's simply no doubt he'd take the smooth sounds of Toto and The Doobie Brothers over your half-assed pitchy caterwauling any day of the week. The proof is in the pudding, as Mischke has taken out a second mortgage (allegedly...OK, not really) to finance production costs for his 30th Birthday Bash, which goes off tonight at 9 p.m. at his place of employment. "Where did all that money go?" you ask. It went to pay off Atlanta's Yacht Rock Revue, who will pump out the smooth vanilla jamz all night long. The cover is $8: a small price to pay for the pleasure of hearing pure uncut cocaine sonically personified. So come on out, wish Drew well, and help him pay for this mothertruckin' party. Here's what I had to say about it in this week's dead tree edish:

You'd have to live under a rock in this town to not be familiar with Mercy Lounge general manager Andrew Mischke. Between handling the club's PR, booking local bands, hosting the club's weekly rock 'n' roll trivia event and spending eight nights a week behind the bar, Mischke is the face of Nashville nightlife's preeminent establishment. He's also a helluva guy with an unhealthy appreciation for yacht rock. While it may be his day (and night) job to keep on the lookout for the freshest indie or hip-hop acts, his free time--what little of it there is--is spent shamelessly gettin' down to the smooth sounds of Hall & Oates, Loggins & Messina, Michael McDonald and Christopher Cross. You know, the stuff his parents likely conceived him to. To celebrate his 30th birthday, Mischke is throwing himself a yacht rock-themed soiree that'll feature the tributary talents of Yacht Rock Revue: Atlanta's premier yacht rock experience and self-proclaimed "smoothest band ever."

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