How I Became the Bomb's Christmas Gift to You


What do you get when you cross Nashville's most prolific synth-pop dandies with America's most beloved holiday? Why, you get a bleeping, booping, vocoder-laden rendition of "Little Drummer Boy," of course. Visit either How I Became the Bomb's MySpace or Facebook to hear their take on the holiday classic. A message from the men:
Dearest listeners, No matter how one chooses to commemorate the winter solstice, I think we all can agree that "Little Drummer Boy" is amongst the most brutal of yuletide carols. Therefore, in Scrooge-like fashion, we, five little boys, got together and, sitting mostly behind instruments unfamiliar, put together a rendition fit for the birthday of the unconquered sun. Submitted to you, in excruciatingly low recording quality, is our meager attempt at a Christmas Carol. Bah Humbug, How I Became the Bomb, The Ghosts of Christmas Future!
HIBtB's next slated in-town appearance is for Jan. 30 at Exit/In with Wax Fang and The Non-Commissioned Officers. Happy Holidays, everyone.

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