Download: DAAS, RALSP



DAAS, the darker, glitchier project of Matthew Pusti (Make-Up and Vanity Set), has just put up some music on the tubes for your downloading pleasure. Go get RALSP right now and put on some headphones. (DAAS performed as part of Buzz and Click VI at The End the other night.)

This ain't pop music, for sure, and the song titles are a bit obscure--"Grandpa's Hands," for example, has no clapping sounds in it (although maybe that's an artistic statement) and does not sample or reference the Bill Withers song "Grandma's Hands," at least not that I can tell. "Here Comes the Daags" might be what happens after we find out who let the daags out, but, again, hard to say. Good shit, though. Via WOTT, which did not make the cut for next semester's slate of shows on WRVU, thanks to that perfectly rational new cap on community DJs.

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