Ghostfinger w/The Spaceship of the Imagination & Slick, Tonight at The End



We've shown Ghostfinger some love over the years, and odds are good you know what their whole bag's about. But do you know about Ghostfinger sideman Matt Rowland's The Spaceship of the Imagination? You do if you were at the Cream's Winter of Dreamz show at Mercy Lounge last year. The S.S. of the I. launched all of our minds deep into Planet Space, and it looks like they might just be doing it again tonight. From my pick:

The first time we caught The Spaceship of the Imagination, it was at a Mercy Lounge Christmas show we at the Scene hosted just last year. Garbed in Magi-esque robes and headdress, the Matt Rowland-masterminded three-piece played MIDI'd-out versions of yuletide classics entirely on synthesizers, and they called it "A Carl Sagan Christmas." Well, it's holiday season again, and Rowland--the longtime sideman for mirthful Southern rockers Ghostfinger--is back for more bizarro ivory tickling. Now, we can't tell you if the lineup has changed, and we can't tell you if Rowland & Co. will still be broadcasting ringtone versions of "We Wish You a Merry Christmas" from Planet Weird. But we can tell you that whatever The Spaceship of the Imagination bring to the table tonight, it will be both bewilderingly freaky and virtuosically played. Ghostfinger headline.

9 p.m. at The End.

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