WOTT, The Shazam, Cyber Monday Newsy Bits



* There's a shiny new podcast over at We Own This Town featuring the likes of Joey Kneiser and The Bird Ensemble. Go now and download or just stream some Diarrhea Planet right onto your computer.

* Speaking of WOTT, they're co-hosting tonight's 8 off 8th at Mercy Lounge with My Tyger. Bands! Eliza the Arrow, The Kingston Springs, Bad Cop, Majestico, My Tyger, The Zut Alors, De Novo Dahl and Heartbeater. At 9 p.m. and free.

* The Onion AV Club takes on The Shazam: "Frontman Hans Rotenberry bellows giddily through songs about being 'not fucked-up enough,' and about attending a disco at the fairgrounds, and about how there's always time for a piece of pie; throughout all this, he sounds like a man free from any of the angst and self-doubt that's the enemy of fun in rock 'n' roll." (Or take Edd Hurt's word for it.)

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