Caitlin Rose, 'Banjo With Butterfly Wings' on LaundroMatinee, the Isle



Today at LaundroMatinee, two videos of Caitlin Rose performing at the Monolith Festival at Red Rocks this past September. That's "Sinful Wishing Well" above--check out "Shanghai Cigarettes" over at the the 'Mat, where they say, "Her voice is both delicate and twangy, like a banjo with butterfly wings." They've also got Cymbals Eat Guitars, The Thermals, The Antlers and so forth. What's that? You want some MP3s? My Old Kentucky Blog's got 'em. In not-so-good news, you may have heard that Monolith may not be back for another go-around.

Speaking of Caitlin Rose, she's off in Dear Old Blighty for a string of U.K. shows starting today. Bangers and mash! Here's a colorful flyer!


Rose just hooked up a U.K. deal with Names Records, according to this here emailings: "We are so excited to be working with such a talented soon as we heard Cailtin's voice we knew she had to be part of the Names family...we really feel the sky's the limit with what she can achieve," according to Billy Campbell of Names, which will be releasing Rose's Dead Flowers EP on 10-inch vinyl somewhere down the line. The sky! So, to all our U.K. readers, be sure to check out the shows.

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