Black Friday Deals! Thanksgiving Super Fun Party Thread


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Happy Thanksgiving! Wherever you are, we hope you're enjoying yourself, and that you didn't kill too many polar bears to get there. We at the Cream have lots to be thankful for--we still have jobs, we're not unemployed and someone still pays us to write the shit we write. Plus, we live in America, center of the world, where our president has a kinda geeky sense of humor sometimes. So yeah, we're pretty lucky. Not as lucky as some, but lucky. To celebrate, we're taking a few days off. "See" you on Monday! Between now and then, maybe your land-grabbing ass can take a minute to read about the bitter tears of Johnny Cash. Or look at some animals with lightsabers. Or, y'know, help the damn economy by spending some money! Now let's take a look at some Black Friday deals on music around town. * Grimey's is celebrating Black Friday by having a big vinyl sale: 20 percent off all new vinyl, 25 percent off all used, 7-inch and 10-inch vinyl. Vinyl. Delicious vinyl. * At The Groove in East Nashville, you'll get 10 percent off all new CDs and vinyl, 15 percent off all used CDs and vinyl, plus buy-one-get-one-free on books. * At The Great Escape, everything is 25 percent off. Everything. At all locations. * Phonoluxe is "not really" having a Black Friday sale, according to the person I talked to, but if you spend at least $100, you'll get 10 percent off, as per usual. * Our local Ernest Tubb also is not having a Black Friday special, per se, but they told me over the phone that they do have a tub (natch) of stuff for $4.98. One thing Grimey's, at least, will have in stock is the new BlakRoc album--the collaboration between The Black Keys and the likes of Raekwon, Q-Tip and Mos Def. I mention this because after you pick up BlakRoc on Black Friday you can also pick up the new BlakRoc Camaro, which is only available in Nashville and Atlanta, exclusively at--wait for it--Carl Black Chevrolet. Obvs. (They're in stock--I called and everything!) Of course you could check out Dolly Parton's store, or just shop online using Dolly's favorite web browser--Amazon's got some MP3 deals if you're not into the whole supporting-local-businesses-and-keeping-the-local-economy-alive-thereby-benefiting-the-entire-community-including-yourself thing. Music--enjoy it while it lasts! Now get to shreddin'. No excuses.


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