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Did anyone other than me go into work this morning? If so, you may have heard WPLN's piece on Elle Macho. The gist of it is Elle Macho is a very talented band full of great, clever, wry, tongue-in-cheek people who are super-awesome and basically perfect at everything they do. They are, in fact, so good at being musicians, you cannot tell when they are parodying their own songs. It's called talent and they have it in spades. They even mention their one-city tour of Nashville that caused "a lot of animosity in the blogging community."

But I did learn something. Radio is the opposite of a blog. Radio loves everything with bright-eyed enthusiasm. Every time a radio personality hears a song is like the first time Helen Keller figured out words--nothing but pure, transcendent joy. Bloggers hear the same song and are like, "This sucks! Put on Slanted and Enchanted!"

Also loved by WPLN: Sam & Ruby. That interview aired five days before the DORF theory of NPR and black music hit the tubes.

Happy Thanksgiving!

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