Spring Hill Spider Party Drop Full-length on iTunes



Who in Nashville could ever forget Spring Hill Spider Party? The Jason and the Nashville Scorchers of LGBT-friendly local party bands, between lyrics like "You're burning me alive with your backdraft...wanna enter your sandman / ride your lightning / metal up your / ooh that's frightening...wanna kill 'em all / master your puppet / load and re-load, you know I love it" and elaborate pranks at the expense of Kings of Leon fans, SHSP was/is poet Derek Brown's vehicle for a devilishly fabulous time.

While SHSP are seemingly only active during Brown's sporadic visits to Tennessee, they've finally managed to canonize their message of man-love in the form of a digital full-length, which you can now purchase on iTunes. The album--titled Three Swords and a Gash--includes all the "hits," from "Women be Shoppin' " to "This Club Is Full of Boys," "Kevin's Bacon," "Youth Group" and "Suck My Sunshine." If ironic dance pop about homosexual escapades at locations such as Applebee's--heavily influenced by the Pet Shop Boys and Erasure and written in beautifully explicit language--is what you want up your asscalator of rock--ahem, iTunes library--than you owe it to yourself to download this mother.

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