A Lesson in Naming Your Band From The Tennessee Tacos



I wonder, sometimes, have we lost our subtlety? With bands named things like Nashville Pussy driving around--or walking around, when their bus catches fire--I sometimes doubt that anyone takes pride in the nuance of naming their band. Or their records. Now, take The Tennessee Tacos. Sure, the (presumably) late-'60s/early-'70s brass band might have fallen so short of being noteworthy that a Google search for them turns up virtually nothing. And sure, their name might be the anatomical end of a rather disturbing sexual maneuver. But they had class. They had subtlety. Does their name mean what it sounds like it means? Who knows? Are the girls pictured on the record sleeve actual members of the band? Probably not, considering here they are again.

Now, we've been down the "bad band name" road again and again, but it's a road that just keeps winding. Every day, new bands are born, and over half of them are named something at least partially terrible. There's a local band called Diarrhea Planet on the loose (playing tonight at The End, in fact). Scat Benatar is another new local addition. Hell, just go here for a never-ending supply of hilariously bizarre names. Or here. But I'd like to see some subtlety in terrible band names. Perhaps some cultural allusions. Shawn Johnson and the Taco Poppers, perhaps? Let's get to work, Nashville.

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