Lenny Kravitz Fan Sneaks Into The Ryman, Flies Away (to Jail)


Let love fail.
  • Let love fail.

What would you do to get into a Lenny Kravitz show? More or less than what you'd do-ooh-ooh for a Klondike bar? One crazed L.K. fan tried to fake her way into The Ryman last night. Emphasis here on "tried." Brantley Hargrove reports over at Pith in the Wind:

Here's what the cops say happened:

Jessica Poe went to the Ryman Monday evening and claimed she was an employee slated to work that night, according to police affidavits. There was no record of this and a Ryman employee told her to get lost. So Poe lurked around the entrance, waiting for her opportunity -- a time-honored strategy slightly more original than Kravitz's songwriting. So when a stagehand opened a door, Poe allegedly sprinted past and disappeared into "the main office."

When she was spotted, she fled out back and was detained by security. Police arrested Poe and took her into booking, but there was a semantic problem. The sign at the entrance of the booking area read "Prisoners Only." No, Poe asserted, she is no prisoner. Then she fell to the ground, police say, forcing the officers to carry her. Add resisting arrest to that criminal trespass charge.

She should have been hanging out at Jack's!

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