Jonas Brother Side Project Already More Successful Than Your Actual Band


No, not Jonas from Turbo Fruits. Different side project.
  • No, not Jonas from Turbo Fruits. Different side project.

Exciting news! Nick "Diabetes" Jonas is going to take away more of your little sister's money and release a side project that will make a rich teenager even richer:

Nick Jonas will release a new album with his side project the Administration in early 2010. According to Nick, the album was recorded in Nashville, Tennessee, during a two-week span during which brother Kevin spent time with his fiancé and Joe went on vacation to Australia.

Nick Jonas & the Administration are comprised of four musicians the Jonas Brothers had met and worked with before, Nick writes, describing the sound as " 'heart & soul,' because the music that I make is from my heart, and the lyrics I write are from my soul."

Ha ha, that is a stupid description, even for a Disney character. It's obvious this is totally the beginning of the end for the JoBros. We've pretty much covered all of the clichéd bases: the meddling woman (it's common knowledge Chicks Can't Rock), the long-distance solo journey (shorthand for "drug tourism") and the ego trip "I'm the talent!" side project.

But good on him! This is probably going to be better than Gorillaz, The Raconteurs, Tom Tom Club and Postal Service combined. This is going to be some Temple of the Dog-level shit, trust me.

P.S. A kid born in 1992 recorded an album in two weeks for shits and gigs and gets to release it, for real, while you're still charging your friends $7 for a self-released EP, available exclusively at your shows at The Basement and your mom's attic. Tell me how that makes you feel.

(Full disclosure: I like "Burnin' Up.")

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