Reunited and It Feels so Good: On the Return of Govern and Other Potential Reunions



So back in the day, years before I lived here and years before most of you who did were of age to get into a rock show, Nashville had a pretty diverse and vibrant rock, punk and metal scene that some might even argue trumps the one we're enjoying today. It was an era of four-track demos, weekly trips to Kinko's to make flyers and booking shows over the telephone. I'm talking roughly 1994 and a band of young hooligans called Govern were playing its first shows at Lucy's. Govern toured the country in a van courtesy of MMR's Book Your Own Fuckin' Life, put out a bunch of cassettes and a little bit of vinyl, got reviews in a few zines, flirted with notable indie labels and even did a tour with Unsane before breaking up in 1999. All this without logging onto MySpace, dialing a cell phone or even burning a CD. Totes Amazing.

Chances are, you don't give a shit--and I don't say that begrudgingly because I barely give a shit myself. The only reason this is remotely relevant is because Govern is reuniting for a show this Halloween Saturday at Springwater--surprisingly their first-ever Springwater show and also a release party for their first digital release (ninth total), G:IX Death To America (And Those Who Love Her) where they've rerecorded many old hits and added a few new ones.

OK, so yeah...blah blah some old band got back together. Who cares, right? What's up with band reunions anyway? They're often kind of like movie sequels: rarely necessary and almost never as good as the first incarnation. Are they ever as fun for fans as they are for bands? Are there any local bands you personally would truly enjoy seeing reunite and performing at least once more? I just asked myself all those same questions and the answer is "yes." Yes, I think there are a few bands I'd dig seeing just one more time, sans new material without the aid of new recordings or a subsequent tour.

The Bang Up: Murfreesboro post-punk quartet circa 2003. This is perhaps the loftiest request on my wish list given bassist Matt Sullivan now resides in Alaska, singer Henry Daggs in St. Louis and guitarist Linwood Regensburg is perpetually on the road drumming for Those Darlins. And I guess drummer Ricky Bizness stays busy playing bass with How I Became the Bomb, too. But hey, a dude can dream.

Fun Girls From Mt. Pilot: I can't decide if this would be amazing or awful, but either way, it wouldn't be pretty. Seeing four middle-aged dudes in half-ass drag playing snotty, bone-crunching punk rock tunes about hating things, breaking things, cat fights, and Billy Dee Williams might either make me recoil with unpleasant high school flashbacks or start an old school circular mosh pit like I was 17. Either way, I'd like to give it a shot.

Practical Stylists: Given that I was just learning to read around the time these guys were first recording, they were long gone before I ever heard them. Nashville has yet to want for another power pop band since the Stylists' demise--we've spit out more than our share--but all those have owed their existence more to Superdrag than say The A's, The dB's or Big Star.

Booby Hatch: While I had plenty of opportunities to see these dudes during their short stint as a band, I passed them all up only to regret it years later upon discovering their only 7" EP, Hip-Shaking Ass Core--a seven-song karate chop to the throat and basically the best example of Nashville-style crossover thrash you're gonna get. I'm sorry I missed it, and I'd like another chance, please.

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