KISS Army to Lick It Up on Lower Broad



Wednesday! Wednesday!! Wednesday!!! Halloween comes three days early when KISS take over the Sommet Center tomorrow night. You don't have tickets yet? Get 'em here for as little as $17.50. Don't have $17.50 but you still wanna join the KISS Army, or at least support "the troops"? Then come down to Fifth and Broadway anyway to fulfill your "party every day" quota at Lick it Up on Lower Broad: "Nashville's largest pre-show block party."

The event will take place between 5 p.m. and 7:30 p.m. and will include free KISS face painting, KISS prize packs for creative costumes and other surprises. The festivities will be spread out between Second Fiddle, Broadway Brewhouse, Bailey's on Broadway, Crossroads, Legends, Rippy's, The Stage and Tootsie's. That's eight venues, so count on seeing eight KISS cover bands. This is the perfect way to kill time while avoiding having to endure Buckcherry's opening set. The Spin will be up in the mix. If "they're" lucky, then they'll get 86'd from a pre-party or two (or eight depending on how much alcohol is consumed). Come say "Hi"!

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