Dent May and His Magnificent Ukulele Tonight at The End



I know, I know: "magnificent ukulele" is kinda redundant. Tevs. Here's the Master, Jim Ridley, on why you should probably hump it over to Elliston tonight:

If Morrissey were a merry Mississippian instead of a morose Mancunian--or at least harbored a wish to become a ukulele-strumming French boulevardier--he might be May, whose debut LP The Good Feeling Music of Dent May & His Magnificent Ukelele isn't the tweefest you might dread. At this point, I feel honor bound to admit that, yes, he does indeed have a love song called "At the Academic Conference," and, yes, he not only doesn't toss the title away but warbles it as if it were the highpoint of his life to date. But May, backed by bandmates who've obviously spent many hours in an underground bunker with only Claudine Longet albums for company, extends a basement-pop continuum that stretches from Marshall Crenshaw's first record through the Magnetic Fields, only to skew his confectionary songs with splashes of bile (as in "College Town Boy," which tells its hero to "get off your ass and do something...How does it feel to be nothing?")

9 p.m. with The Only Good Thing About the 40s & The Kingston Springs. Here are some songs.

And here's the video for "Howard," great if you like kittehs, juggling and turtlenecks.

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