Fresh but Spooky Tracks: Shaboi's Curse Walk



Every Halloween season needs a fresh collection of novelty party jams. I mean, we can't put on stale old numbers like "The Wolfman's Wedding Reception" by The Goofytunes or "Dracula's Pajama Party" by "Jerkin'" James Whitcroft every single October, am I right? Well good news, guys and ghouls: YK Records--the local label that brought us releases as diverse as Uncle Skeleton's brainy thumpfest Pancho Chumley and Codaphonic's indie-pop smorgasbord Edison's Rival--is now offering a bit of seasonal flair known as Curse Walk by mysterious local artist Shaboi.

Featuring 10 chilling tracks that range from funky 8-bit hip-hop ("Rapsylvania '88") to vampire trad-country swing ("Hit the Town"), Shaboi's Curse Walk has all the creepy mood music you need to get you stoked for All Saints Eve. Listen to or download the whole thing for free over at Shaboi's Bandcamp page.

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