On the Cover: Wild Ones: Three Hot Acts Present a New Breed of Female Songwriter



This week's cover story is a look at a current breed of female songwriters who've cropped up on the local rock scene in the last few years. I focus on three acts you've heard a lot about if you've been following the Cream's musical crushes--Caitlin Rose, Tristen Gaspadarek and Those Darlins.

For those who haven't paid much attention, these are more than good-lookin' ladies with pretty voices. Each of them adds a fresh take on her own revivalist brand of pop, folk or country. They're all terrific songwriters and compelling performers. And for my money, the fact that they sing like grown women and not baby-cooing infants is reason enough for mad props.

Oh, and this is also the last issue of the Scene under Village Voice ownership. We've been sold. Ch-ch-changes.

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