'It's the Coolest Guitar Ever Invented!' Or Not. Probably Not.


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"The computerized Tepoe guitar is like having a recording studio, personal assistant, back-up band, sound technician and a guitar-teaching guru right in your instrument".

Ya, buddy, that's exactly what I need, a computer built into my guitar so I don't forget the lyrics while I record the song that I'm forgetting the lyrics to. I also need--I tell you, NEED--to print out sheet music for the song I just wrote at Grandma's house so this is gonna be totally sweet. And it even has the Internet--I've heard that thing fucking rules! And to have it all inside my fucking instrument--well fuckin' A right! Do all the "pages" on this "cyberspace" look as awesome as yours? Thank god I have Sky Mall's phone number on speed dial, I can't wait to get my hands on this thing!


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