Raconteurs Back Chisel, Miley Cyrus Is So Over Jay-Z: Newsy Bits


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* A few Raconteurs and a My Morning Jacketeer back Corey Chisel on "Born Again," which debuted yesterday on the Rolling Stone site.

* Nashville Nights has a pretty funny meta-blog post about trying to be the first blogger to blog the newest blog house track. (In this case, it's Bloody Beetroots' "Romborama.") "The blogger must then post a track that is new and untouched; then write from a perspective of someone who has actually taken the time to thoroughly listen to the whole album (even though he has only skimmed through each track to find the best one)."

* The Dead Weather show tonight at TPAC is sold out, but if you have a ticket, do consider getting there early for Screaming Females. I like 'em alot. Check out this nice video of SF from their show at The End, courtesy of Optic Audio.

* Oh, and that Miley Cyrus song that leaked? Replace "Jay-Z" with "Kanye."


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