Team Rocky Top! Yay!


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Because I am made up of one part piss mixed with one part vinegar, I was going to throw this video up and make fun of these kids for going the easy, lazy, stereotypical route by putting on cowboy hats to embarrass Nashville on a national level.

But then I watched the whole thing (it's called professionalism), and damn if they didn't warm my bitter, brittle heart. I mean, when they talk about how they wanted to fuse "hip-hop dance, which is something that we love, with country music, which is something we have grown to love," it's hard not to root for them. They're mature enough to know that if they live in Nashville, they're never going to escape the country music stigma, so fuck it--embrace it. Good for them.

I am in no way qualified to judge their dance moves (though they seem to be fly) but I can say that the name Team Rocky Top is awesome. Go win the Randy Jackson Dance Trophy, guys! Do it for Nashville!


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