Danity Kane's Shannon Bex: The Next Garth Brooks?



For those of you who found as much entertainment as I did in the wealth of failure that was Jessica Simpson's stab at a country career, you'll love this next item. From the department of impending train wrecks, i.e. mtv.com (who got their story from the Tennessean's Heather Byrd)--Danity Kane bombshell Shannon Bex is "searching for a solo sound in Nashville." For those of you who steer clear of the pop-cultural quagmire that is reality television, Danity Kane were the subject of P. Diddy's Making the Band 3.

Instead of looking to Diddy for musical direction, Bex said these days she's looking more toward the work of Garth Brooks for inspiration. "He's such an honest performer," she said. "I went to his concert for the first time ever, and I was in the 300 level, but it felt like he was performing right to me."

Damn, he must have flown right up to her. Get ready to see her rollin' thunder in a headset mic and awesome shirt soon, as I'm sure all her country (and western) dreams are about to come true. Not.

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