Sunn O))) to Play Mercy Lounge Sept. 30: Proof I Don't Know What I'm Talking About



As people were quick to correct me in my last Sunn 0))) post about Southern Lord bands not playing here, the whispers of a Nashville date on the duo's itinerary proved to be true. If my wolf-crying led you to drive to Newport, Ky., I apologize.

By my estimation, maybe three or four metalheads have actually set foot in the Mercy Lounge, and, for most of the people who frequent the Mercy, bumping into someone you know at a metal show is a little like being spotted at a porn shop.

But there's plenty to be excited about here. I'm not sure what we should expect on this Southeast leg of their tour, but clues from Dekalb, Ill., suggest skin-crawling creepiness:

And earth-quaking volume:

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