Kindergarten Circus Release Record, Play Show, Blow Fruit Up



The three-piece crew of garage-punk whippersnappers known as The Kindergarten Circus will be releasing their self-titled debut LP tomorrow, and they've made a commercial that generally kicks ass to let everyone know what's up. It has exploding fruit, bloody vomit-spew and flaming text. (What more do you need, right?) Aside from playing a Grimey's in-store at 6 p.m. the day of their release, they'll also be performing Saturday, July 25, with The Clutters, Denney and the Jets & Daniel Pujol and Some Beaus at The End. Keep an eye out for Maloney's feature on the Circus, which is out in this week's dead-tree edition. Here's KC's MySpace. Go have a listen.

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