New Jay Reatard, 'Wounded,' Plus TV Smith and the Mayor: Newsy Bits



* MBV's got the new Jay Reatard song, "Wounded," which is the second off J.R.'s new one, Watch Me Fall. "I'm on the same label as Belle and Sebastian," Mr. Reatard told the Scene recently, as a way of explaining his new interest in "wimpy" music. If you've got a dead tree edition of the paper kicking around, check out the feature on Reatard, who comes to The End this Thursday with TV Smith of the Adverts--that's him in the video speaking German and acousti-punk-rocking--and JEFF the Brotherhood.

* In case you missed the big announcement yesterday, Lightning 100 and the mayor's office are putting on six free outdoor concerts downtown this fall. Here's Karl Dean on WRLT yesterday, talking about the series and requesting "Cinnamon Girl." (At least it wasn't "Sex on Fire," right?)

* As I said yesterday, Randall Roberts, my colleague in Los Angeles was at the MJ memorial: "Downtown is electric. It's like a flashbulb and helicopter hurricane. Sirens, bells, food, shirts, tears, laughter, more cameras." (West Coast Sound at twitter.)

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