Lakota Brick: Yet Another Jack White Side Project?


David is the new Meg.
  • David is the new Meg.

So it looks like over-tapped local resource Jack White has joined forces with NBA commish David Stern for yet another supergroup side project. Nah, not really. But, as is The Onion's custom, this one hovers in that gray area between fantasy and reality that is just absurd enough to be true. Take it away, Onion:

According to the 33-year-old White, the band consists of himself, primarily on reed organ, and Stern, 66, on vocals and electric guitar. "The Raconteurs allowed me to experiment with more of a poppy sound, and the Dead Weather is more loose and sexual. I think in Lakota Brick, with David's ability to attack the microphone, we get something completely unhinged and almost frightening...David is also an excellent lyricist. He came in with about a dozen composition notebooks filled with songs, and he also did the album's artwork."

Brilliant. No, but seriously. Who else here thinks that it's quite probable for one to exhaust him- or herself creatively by being spread dangerously thin? Who thinks that, once you run out of sides, no one's going to pay attention to your side projects anymore? I guess White would be the exception. This record would probably sell 10,000 copies if only it, you know, actually existed.

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