Road Trip To Knoxville: Sugar Hill Gang at the Tennessee Valley Fair


OK, first off: the drums on "Apache Rap" by the Sugar Hill Gang? A sample of the drums from the Incredible Bongo Band. Just sayin', if we're going to get trivial, let's get trivial. I know we would have lost anyway--Team Cream never really learns, frankly--but, anyway.... Let's go to Knoxville and catch "The Original members of the Sugar Hill Gang, The Original Pioneers of Hip Hop," or whatever they're calling themselves for whatever legal purposes. They're playing Sept. 18, the Vols are out of town and the weather should be great for funnel cakes and heritage acts. The Gang have a new collaboration with French producer Bob Sinclair, which is frankly pretty tight. I'm a huge fan of Bob Sinclair--my double-vinyl copy of Paradise is one of my prized possesions--and I think he put together a great track for the group that essentially made rap music an "officially popular" art form. You can watch the video here. After the jump, a whole bunch of videos that I can embed. Incredible Bongo Band - Apache
Sugar Hill Gang - Apache (Live in '08)
Sugar Hill Gang - Rappers Delight
Bob Sinclair -- Gym Tonic
Stardust - Music Sounds Better With You (Bob Sinclair remix)
And because I'm feeling particularly Francophiley at the moment, here's some videos that are TOTALLY unrelated but still awesome. DeeJay Punk-Roc - My Beatbox (Les Rythmes Digitales 'As De Pique' Remix)
Cassius - 1999

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