The Turf: They're Hip, They're Cool, They're Oh-So-Cryptic


Impenetrable: The Turf
  • Impenetrable: The Turf

Remember that dance-rock band The Turf? They were wacky high school kids who wowed us two summers ago and then dared to split town to pursue higher education. (Cream blogger Seth Graves gave us the deets last year.)

I'm not sure if they ever came back or played any shows or what, but it seems they've got a new record available for streamin' on June 1:

Hey Gang,

Turf here. First, I would like to apologize for our lack of activity recently. We hope you will forgive us. I would like to let you know, however, that starting June 1, we will be streaming our debut full length album online. Also, If you haven't had a chance to pick up our E.P. Whatup Tambourine, it is on sale at itunes as we speek.

Much love as always,

The Turf

Are they back in town? Are they playing any shows? What's the new record like? Deets as we get 'em.

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