Road Trip to Huntsville: Bamalama '09



Having spent an irrecoverable 22 years of my life there, I feel as qualified as anyone to declare Huntsville, Ala., pretty useless to the rest of the world when it comes to music, art or pretty much anything else that isn't computer engineering. But, while the Rocket City can count its own decent bands on one hand, they've made a nifty habit of inviting quite a few others from around the country to participate in a three day festival that's actual got me tempted to drive back home for a couple days.

Kicking off June 4, Bamalama will occupy three venues and feature over 20 bands over the course of three days including The Mattoid, Dan Sartain, Box Elders, Wizard Sleeve, Digital Leather, Juiceboxxx, and Huntsville's only good band, the garage-popping Thomas Function.

For a full schedule and ticket prices, visit the official site at

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